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Dear Customer,

Our restaurant only takes reservations made using our web page or email ( Please take into account that reservations via web or email can only be made with a minimum time of 48 hours in advance.

If you would like to make a reservation with less than 48 hours in advance, or modify an existing reservation during the same day in which you are coming to Maido you can do it over the phone (4462512 / 4477554) during 09.00hrs until 18.00hrs.

We would also like to remind you that besides our A la carte service you can also take our Nikkei Experience. This experience consists of 15 courses and has a duration of two hours and thirty minutes approximately with a beverage pairing option. During lunch time you can start the experience until 14.00hrs and for dinner until 21.00hrs. We recommend to book in advance since we have limited number of experiences that we can serve for lunch and dinner.

We will get back to you during the next 48 hours.

Thank you very much for writting us.

We will reply as soon as possible.

Please note that your booking request is not yet confirmed.

We are managing reservation requests no more than three months in advance.

Our reservation center will be contacting you within 48 hours to determine our availability.

We appreciate your preference.

Your request has been sent, a confirmation will be sent to your mail .

We recommend to see the menu

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Dear Customers please note that online reservations can only be made 24 hours in advance at least, however, telephone reservations may be made even during the day requested.


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“The Nikkei Experience”

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